A Time To Rhyme

She says you’re safe

I won’t be harmed

But parts of her are easily charmed

Many changes are being made

With much confusion of whom to obey

I’ve watched her choices they aren’t all good

All of this said, and I hope understood

I will share with you as she’s asked me to

What i have inside, but only poems can i do

Without speaking in rhyme I know only to say

My name is Voice Silenced I have to obey

I made things all rhymey to bend the rules, not to break

Because talking to you my life they would take

But i’m not really talking

I’m sharing in poem

So I hope they’ll leave me alone

I’ll rhyme and i’ll sing

Until my story’s all told

I choose to be brave

I choose to be bold

To fear I won’t cave

Nothing will I withhold

Because with Jesus in my heart

I’ve been given the strength

Not just to speak but to free others too

So this is exactly what I’ve decided to do.

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