It Was Not Love

On the sunniest of days

She longed for time outside to play

A break from all the gloom and fear

But there was no chance of that here

Church, chores and sex is all she knew

Locked away without family present

What was a girl to do

She snuck outdoors every chance she could

Knowing the consequence would not be good

Daring not to speak with another soul

She knew only rehearsed lines

So she was never that bold

This child mostly did just as she was told

What if daddy caught her oh what would he do

It was Enough to frighten her inside

There was plenty for her to do there too

Floors to scrub on hands and knees

Washing of clothes and then if time she could read

Dinner needed cooking,

Then he needing pleasing

Scrubbing him off her, in the tub

It’s how she knew she was always loved

Then off to bed praying for just sleep

But the chance was always that in he would sneak

Just to touch the girl he loved

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