Worth the Wait

That first moment soaring through the air Difficult to fathom, not much can compare

Freedom has come, she’s gotten away

Time for new life, she’ll find her way

Many new things, she now needs to learn

Each obstacle presented, will be taken in turn

Keeping them safe must take priority now

Home, income, and much more, but how?

It didn’t much matter, these things would come.

All she need do is believe.

 She prayed and waited

The silence was long

Her mind unsure, her hope hanging on

Would his answer come, had she done something wrong?

Then softly and swiftly in the dead of night

A voice in her heart sent waves of delight

He has heard what she asked

And was sweet to reply

So softly, so gently

It caused her to cry

This is the way I desire you to go

Will you trust my lead? 

Take my hand let me show you

What things I’ve in store

All I have for you is more than you could hope for.

Mark this moment this day in your heart

Remember how I lifted you up creating this new start

Tuck the memory within your heart

So you never forget my great love for you, how ive set you apart

Tell all who will listen, any whom will hear

How big my hand has been in your life

How I’ve moved heaven and earth on your behalf

Parting your lifes raging seas

Then move forward boldly in my love

Bring others to freedom, dont remain alone

Show them this life, available to them too

Out of bondage, abuse and pain

Into life, hope and peace 

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