She Never Quit

Pain searing through her shoulder down her arm

Fighting back always, only brought harm

They’ve restrained her again from the neck down

The shot’s kicking in, soon her mind won’t be found

All of that struggling what was the point

She never did win and now her shoulder’s out of joint

How did we get here to this place again

Her mother had just visited, her heart was in pain

The words she said were always the same

You aren’t what we wanted you didn’t pan out

Now stop all this talking and spreading these lies about

You will never be loved, that’s not what you’re for

Now if you wish to come home, we can walk out that door

But silent you’ll be, dad and brother obey

Now is there anything, you’d like to say?

Yes mommy, I hate you, I hate you so much

I won’t ever stop saying how my body they touch

Why don’t you help me, you could set me free

But you seem to be fine with what they do to me

You mess with my mind, like it’s a fun thing to do

I won’t stop speaking, and I’ll tell them bout you

She walks out the room, and says strip her down

I’m concerned if you don’t how she’ll be found

Once again i struggled instead of submit

This is the result of throwing a fit

And that’s why i find myself naked and cold

Strapped down to a board, feeling broken and old





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