She Never Walked Alone

They broke her on purpose, thorough and slow

Each act individually, packing quite a blow

With long term, specialized vicious intent

Freedom seemed impossible, they were everywhere she went

How would this end, to whom could she go?

It was difficult to figure out friend from foe

The church never panned out, many hide within its doors

Authorities and doctors all led to the same

Her face to the floors, medicated and in pain

Maybe this one they used to confuse her

Could He be the one who leads to her freedom?

Memory is fuzzy think Jesus is His name

What they said about Him wasn’t the same

As the words she read on the bible’s pages

When she thought of Him she felt suddenly courageous

What could it hurt, she’d give Him a try

So she laid on the floor and began to uncontrollably cry

Take all this pain dear Jesus i pray

Take all of my life, I give it to you today

I can’t live here, on my own

I need Your help, please never leave me alone

Forgive me and cleanse this anger from my heart

May this day, mark a fresh clean start

No longer fighting these wars on my own

Holding Your hand in confidence I approach Your throne

Knowing for sure, now i’ll never walk alone.


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