It’s Not An Earthly Battle

The war continued on full tilt, there seemed no end in site.

                            Fatigue set in, her body sore, mind on the verge of inability to endure

What had begun this battle unseen?

It was neither here nor there just somehow between

On earth there was no way to view, the damage on either side

because this was no earthly war, its effects were eternity based

the only way to truly win, was to die to self and live in HIM

any other decision, results in you permanently erased

Was this a mean, cruel superior being?

Demanding such an act of surrender, or would it be freeing?

For many it was so difficult to tell until His gentle love pierced their hearts

They fought in the realm unseen so long, not knowing the battle was for them

Until that day they saw so clear, HE pulled them close, He drew them near

That day it all became quite clear

Jesus on a cross, did what no other could

He won the battle, He won the war, He did what no one else would

He took every ounce of sin and shame with Him up on that cross

He stayed up there and slowly died, making sure not one of us was lost

Still a fight continued on, but this one was our choice

Believe He died for me that day and receive that gift of life

Or reject such a beautiful offering of love and continue in the fight alone

Until death instead of home does bring makes me forever gone

My choice was for life that day, accepting His great love

So now though this war goes on, Who goes before me is the best

Because the place that I abide is in His complete rest.

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