I Wish Some Days I Stayed Silent

Once again, as it often occurs

I find myself with my own foot in my mouth

By no means am I eloquent with others, and certainly not in speech

I’d never been taught to even associate with other human beings

Friendship was never an option given, nor was human emotion

Only repetitive rejection, being sent away for not easily conforming to the simple command of silently opening my little girl legs

I know Jesus as my Savior and while much in me has changed

He who has began this great work in me, is still working faithfully to complete it. I struggle like many others who have walked this path with simple day to day tasks. Yet I trust Him as the only One who has never left my side to finish what He has begun.

Today a day of frustration for sure, as memories haunt my mind, until I recall bringing them to His feet, I stumbled around as a child frightened in an unfamiliar dark room desperately searching for light. I cried out as I often do to anyone who will hear, often speaking harshly as the girl alone and forgotten like I often feel. Then the Father sheds His light and peace and calm return to sight, but the memory of words spoken in darkness night, cause sorrow to fill my heart tonight. The one who listened and hears what most don’t is often left to deal with my untamed voice.

My utmost prayer, quite often for her, is Lord Jesus hear her voice. Bring her comfort and peace so dear, for all she has been willing to bear. I thank you dear Jesus, for this sister in my life, and i pray her much rest and delight.

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