She Is Mine

Who are they that rise up against you dear daughter?

Have I not fashioned them also? I know the words on their tongues before they say them and form a shield before you my child. I see those who take ready advantage of your insecurities and confusion, trying so hard to re stake claim over you….they won’t receive authority concerning you, because I have claimed you for Myself, you daughter are Mine.

The minute you said yes to my love, yes to the free gift I extended to you is the minute I told them she will not fail, she will not break for she is MINE. I made it known in every realm,  I have hedged her in, and My angels guard her on every side, I am teaching her to hear my still voice and rest in my love for her. I am showing her how to pick up the shield of faith and watch those flaming arrows fall to the ground, she will see not even the smell of smoke on her can be found. I am grounding her in my word, so she knows it well and is not easily deceived when the wolves out there try to throw it at her and make her question the very rooting in Christ, I have given her. I am moving within her spirit showing her how to intercede with compassion, and where the true battle lines are drawn, so she looks beyond outward appearance, and words spoken in frustration and fear by my kids and sees their hearts the real them that I’ve made and love creating the ability to pray and love on them accordingly. I have placed the gospel shoes of peace on her feet, with which she can crush the serpent’s head, and walk in confidence knowing nothing by any means shall hurt her. The breastplate of righteousness has been firmly in place the moment she accepted My, son Jesus, for it is the Lord Jesus Christ alone that puts her in right standing with ME and she knows this full well.

So tell me again, who comes against this daughter of mine today? Are you forgetting that none can snatch her out of my hands? That I have begun this beautiful work within her and shall be faithful to complete it?….that I have loved her with an everlasting love? Have you forgotten that no weapon formed against her will prosper?

She has come to me in prayer and set you before my throne, her trust is in ME alone, therefore you must go, your accusations against her I can’t even hear, because there is now no condemnation for she who is in Christ Jesus.

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