“Cringe” the word of the day

via Daily Prompt: Cringe

Who wouldn’t be curious to know what makes another cringe?

For some it’s insects or snakes, others its political or money talk. Or perhaps it’s crime or the horrors in this world….What makes you cringe?

Before I expound on what particularly makes me cringe, lets see what the word means….

Cringe: to bend one’s head or body in fear…..cower, shrink. recoil, shy away, flinch, draw back from.

With this explanation in mind, Id say not much makes me cringe anymore, but there are plenty of things that repulse me. So i suppose I cringe or drawback in that sense still….hmmm rape, incest, human trafficking, sexual assault, these are surely all things that make me cringe….ritual abuse, reprogramming the human mind to serve your will, yes for sure these things make me cringe in a terribly repulsed way.

How about natural disasters, all that’s left in their wake, death, destruction, things of sentiment simply gone forever, yes this makes me cringe too, but with heartache and great sadness for those lives affected.

I cringe as I watch kids bullying each other and adults too for that matter. I cringe watching people suffer with things like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, MS, the list goes on, my heart breaks for those who have lost children, parents, spouses, from these horrible ailments. But one thing makes me cringe more than anything else, it’s when an opportunity is missed to share life giving hope with someone that cringes at everything in life. The chance to tell them no matter what they are going through, where they have been, or anything they have done, there is a God who loves them so much HE sent Jesus, to give them hope, new life, eternal life with Him. A loving Father that cares so much for His kids that HE weeps over all the evils in this world that we the ones He created welcomed in. He loves us so much, He was willing to do the ultimate thing, come in flesh form as Jesus, face what we face, feel all we feel, but not sin, and then take all our sin, mess ups, mistakes what ever yah need to call it with Him into death, not just the I died of old age kind, but a brutal torturous death, on the cross. Don’t know bout you but that makes me cringe some, yet it makes my heart soft too. Yah see HE came back to life again and offers us this free gift of eternal life, if we simply just believe. That fills my heart with love and wonder, but i bet yah it makes Satan the enemy of our souls…can yah guess?

Lol….yep….bet he is cringing.

2 thoughts on ““Cringe” the word of the day

  1. Living in this world can bo utterly painful. I recently cringed as I read about David taking Bathsheba and killing her husband, Uriah. I thought of the pain that must have brought to the heart of God. And the pain to that family.

    I’ve often wondered how the one who wrote such beautiful Psalms could do that. I think he must have stopped his praying at some point. He was now king and was powerful. I guess it went to his head.

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