Time For This Illness To Go

The familiarity of sickness descending 

Dancing through the body at a breath taking rate

Searing pain, exauhstion, my head may explode 

Sigh of relief when medication prescribed 

Hope is ahead for the feeling of razors sliding down her throat to cease 

Then what is this?

What’s happening?

Her face has swollen, she cannot hear, speak or see well.

They say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Perhaps her response to these meds is a test of that

She’s to sick to think, yet decisions must be made. 

The sure fix to the swelling, isn’t to be taken by someone like her.

A chronic condition she has makes this a bad mix, but desperation begins to seep in as the swelling gets worse.

Go ahead inject me she says 

And now we wait

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