Speak the Truth Always

After seeing how many were bothered by this photo yesterday when I posted it to FB I took it down and decided to pray about it. I do attend a church and am part of an amazing Sunday School class with a group of women I love with all my heart. However this picture is significant to me on many levels. With the bombardment of how could i say this or what do i mean i decided to just explain in short.
If I hadn’t left the church I never would of found the real Lord Jesus Christ. And while I cant stand the divisions within the body of Christ that I see even here on FB my inner reason for this post is that I grew up horribly abused within the church. I was taught it was God’s will for my life to suffer and that, I should simply be thankful to have a roof and food and keep my mouth shut about what was being done to me. Most of you couldn’t handle knowing exactly what was done and for how long, all in “Jesus” name. Just because a place is labeled “Nondenominational” Presbyterian, Methodist ect does not make it a true house of God.  
So even if you hate this post and find it offensive, I still like it because it reminds me even after all my head was filled with, and all that was done to me, Jesus was still able to draw me out and pull me to Himself.

3 thoughts on “Speak the Truth Always

  1. I left my church because of the legalism, pride and unkindness there. I realized I could never bring anyone to visit my church again. I didn’t join a different church. I worship God at home.

    My father abused me for years while going to Church and saying he was a Christian. I’m sorry for what happened to you.

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