My Hero

Think I was always looking for that hero to at first come and save me but later as time went on to save my children too. I'd watch the shows and movies where the good guy always won and saved the day or listen to the songs about a hero coming along giving strength to carry on. Waiting, hoping, praying crying, how much longer?
When would this hero arrive and make thing safe? Would the abuse end? Or was this how it was always to be?
Little did I know that hero was with me all along. He was hoping one day I'd catch on, and holding me steady with patience and love longing to show me His presence and love.
Jesus had been there all along! Holding my hand, wiping my tears, keeping me sane. That alone was more than enough, this now I can see, but HE went far beyond to free me. He opened the doors and paved all the paths to provide a safe haven for my children and me. Jesus put people in our lives to show us His light and His love are safe and secure. This road is quite hard don't misunderstand but with where we have been there is no mistake when I accepted the Lord Jesus my fate became sealed. The King of my heart was finally revealed, Jesus showed me a hero better than I could of imagined, that never goes away, He'd been here all along and was here to stay.

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