What is Family?

When I lay my head on the pillow each night mind still running a million miles per hour, inevitably thoughts stall in the category of family for me.
Prayers silently drift toward heaven in question and wondering form.
Yah see they left this little girl the day she was born and to this day the concept of family has still not been unraveled or had it and I simply couldn't see?
It is not the perverted insanity I was later introduced to as a child, nor the abusive marriage forced upon me, some say it is the church yet in large they had been key harmers, why in the Lord's eyes would that count as family? It couldn't be blood for I know not any relatives of that nature, so whom?
I suppose it's those who come into your life and stay. Through ups and downs you for them and they for you. They love beyond bounds as you do them and in the center is the strongest familial bond being the Lord Jesus Christ drawing your hearts to Him and each other.
That's what I am choosing to see as family!
What say you?

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