My Thoughts Today

Sitting here doing school work and started thinking, yes I know that’s dangerous ๐Ÿ˜œ

A photo quote id posted this morning said “do not mock a pain you haven’t endured” the words kept dancing in my head, now I’m quite use to people mocking, judging, or telling me what should be done with what I’ve endured but today I stopped and really thought bout it. Questions came, Lord? If these horrible things hadn’t happened to me would I cling to you as tightly as I do? Would I love the hurting as much as I do? Would I have this ability from You to understand the outcast the one the church ignores, but You treasure? Would I comprehend as I do that You haven’t caused all these pains but allowed them because You loved me enough to let me choose You amidst them? When no one here gave me choice in anything I got to choose You. Would I have seen Your hand move in my life, at my defense, in great provision, if these atrocities hadn’t occurred? Maybe not. Oh how thankful I am, for You oh Lord have been so good.

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