Another of my Dreams

I love the dreams that pull me into another time and place at night as my eyes flutter shut.

Last nights were a mix of frightening but ended beautifully so decided to write so I don’t forget it, why not here? Blog seems to be the perfect place.

Waking into a dream is amusing last night I awoke as a small baby it seemed but didn’t stay that way long. There were many of us girls in the stone building and many toys and very watchful eyes over all we touched, said and did. Then as we grew adults would come and section us off into different places within the big stone building based upon every dynamic from how we looked to personality, health the check list was very long.

The older I got the more demanding and strict the place became, while still a child bearing children was required, poor health was not taken lightly in fact many of those went with a man up the stone stairs, through a heavy locked door, then all that was heard was a loud popping sound and she was gone.

Punishment was heavy handed for crimes as simple as eating one more piece of food than allotted or taking a bathroom break out of scheduled turn. You were physically not stopped from doing these things but they always saw and the punishment came fast.

At this point in my dream I began to wonder what on earth am I suppose to be learning from all of this? There must be something.?

Focusing in on my surroundings I realized there was only myself and another left. What would happen now my mind wondered?

Then the big door opened again and two people came through….a heavy set angry and frightening looking woman and a tall well dressed man his face hidden from my view. The other girl and I looked at each other fear evident between us. The scary woman called for the other girl to step forward and went over her with a fine toothed comb…nothing was missed from the day of her birth til today about her. This one is mine she boomed in a loud voice, I’ll check the other later (meaning me). Within minutes I could hear the poor girls screams and the woman telling her to take it in silence and my eyes filled with tears.

“Come here child, let me have a look” had the man spoken? I was afraid to move, but then again, louder he said “come here child, let me have a look” and slowly I walked to where he sat.

Removing his hat he smiled and told me to sit. He looked nothing like the woman and wasn’t frightening at all, in fact an ease filled the room. “Tell me about yourself” he said. I was dumbfounded, no one had given me the right to even think such thoughts let alone speak them. “Well I’m not much to look at” I stuttered. “and there are some health things all wrong with me”

“I see” he responded….then suddenly all the things physically wrong with me disappeared, but why? The man smiled, because I see inside and you are one of Mine. You have the Jesus umbilical cord He declared you are linked in to forever life, would you like to come see?

Leaving the room my hand in His the stone building was gone, room after room was filled with people, rejoicing, eating, even dancing. He saw how that room made my eyes light up and next thing I knew we were dancing, then my eyes fluttered open, it was time to wake up.

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