Childish Rant

Sometimes in life we just get it wrong I think and the best thing to do isn’t always evident or desirable. I find myself here today the crossroads of now what? Of course the first place I turn is to Jesus and seek His heart for me and the what nexts I just wish sometimes His Voice was audible yah know? People think I have others to go to, family or friends perhaps it would of been wiser for me to say no this isn’t so instead of yeah sure I do and I’ll go to them. Lord please show me what to do my mind cries, outside of YOU I’m alone and yes in part I’ve done this to myself. How so? One might ask, it’s ironic really, those who would really step up, befriend, hang out or lend a shoulder are the very ones who have harmed me so greatly and I’ve been advised to steer clear of if I desire healing to occur. So here we sit alone…..rant done.

One thought on “Childish Rant

  1. This touched me greatly. I often feel alone and I know why. It is like you said, I did it to myself. When I was praying for a friend the thought came to me that I should be a good friend if I want a friend. Peace in Jesus.

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