For a few years now I’ve tried to find a way to share my story with the hopes of reaching others and giving them hope or simply letting them know they aren’t alone. Each time brought me to various frustrating halts from fear to inability to recount without horrifying the reader, or crushing pain from the memories. Lord how do I use these things You have brought me through to reach others without harming myself more, or scaring the pants off people?

Then it occurred to me the truth at times is painful, and it’s ultimately what sets us free, people have the choice to read or not and if my writing is begun with prayer asking God to guide my words then concern can be set aside for how its received by those whom it’s not intended for anyway. I can trust that God will guide those who need to hear my story to what He has me share with each post, and that God will strengthen and enable me to write without it crushing me.


2 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. The truth does set us free. I didn’t know what was wrong with me when I was in my forties. I was so depressed, but there was nothing to be depressed about. Then one day, when I was alone in the house with my father, night came and along with the night the memories made themselves known. It was terribly painful for many years, but I needed the truth and God gave me the truth. He walked through it with me.

    I have sometimes wished God would speak to me out loud, but many times, as I am praying or thinking, thoughts come into my mind that I feel are not my own. I believe it is God. God says he will lead us, and if we keep having thoughts to do something, it is probably God. I pray the Lord will make known to you what to do with your life and your writing. I pray you will find friends who are close to God and can help you.

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