Silence isn’t Necessary

‪I speak up not to shame my abusers for toward them I offer the same gift of grace and forgiveness(not trust) that God extends to me. I speak to tell another they aren’t alone.‬ I find remaining silent keeps in the dark what should be brought into the light so I can heal and hopefully others will be encouraged to seek help and healing too. The shame isn’t in speaking and isn’t yours to bear. What was done to you was wrong and not what God intended to happen to His kid. Yes you are God’s kid, He handcrafted you, delights in you and loves you. Bottling up abuse does two things it allows the one who needs help or accountability or both to remain undetected and able to abuse again….and it keeps you the victim instead of the overcoming victor you’re intended to be. So speak up, let your story be heard and healing begin.

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