Thank you Wade Mullen

Someone I follow and respect on Twitter posted this today and my heart indeed responded Amen let this be so Lord! I know for me it’s silly to hope for justice for what’s been done to me here but prayers like this help me keep a tiny speck of hope.


(Wade Mullen)

is that we will create a safer world for kids, women, and all those impacted by abuse, that victims will be heard, believed, and honored; that they will find freedom from captivity, healing from wounds, recovery from trauma, and help and support from therapists.

That abusers and those who cover their wrongs will be investigated and charged by law enforcement and convicted and prosecuted by courts, and that such consequences will abate future abuse crimes and lead to significant lasting change in the thoughts and actions of the criminal; That institutions will not use exemptions, loopholes, and technicalities to prevent discovery, that their safety policies and procedures will exceed societal expectations, that they will choose to listen to and protect victims even if it costs them their reputation and existence.

That all people will report abuse they observe, suspect, or suffer, advocate for victims and their families through voice and action, oppose abusive systems and their leaders through dissent, expose coverups by contacting enforcement agencies, and urge lawmakers to bolster laws; So that victims will heal, the criminal and negligent will be brought to justice, institutions and their leaders will be protectors of those they serve and not of themselves, deceptive coverups will be deterred, truth will be allowed to surface, and that all people will be safer.

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