What Matters Most

While mentally going over all the lies I’ve been fed for so long by so many couldn’t help but pray, Lord please show me what truly matters. I don’t know what’s true, who I am, even where I’ve come from or why this was all done to me. I believe that God has had His hand on me from day one, not stopping what they’ve done but keeping me intact and aware of His presence and my need for Jesus. Still the question danced through my head, what matters most? Where do I draw from? what do I hope for? What or who do I trust going forward? Then it barreled forward in my heart…..

“I created you!” ” You are handcrafted, a masterpiece, no one else is like you” “you have specific and special purpose that they can’t taint or take away” “your earthly (caretakers) harmed you but I am your Papa and I have not for one second stopped loving or taking care of you” “trust me, believe my plan is perfect and worth moving forward in, and that I will continue to give you my strength to finish the race set before you.” “Your faltering and miss steps haven’t taken me by surprise or caused me to love you and less, let’s put them behind and get back on track.” “Dear daughter cling to my Son, Jesus trust Him and go to Him only to see the truth of who I’ve made you to be, because the day you called Him savior, was the day I made you alive in Him and dead to all of this world anyway.”

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