Another of my Poems

Silence filled the room

As her thoughts began to consume

Each word murmured by her brain

Were tear filled prayers like falling rain

Flowing forth from a broken heart

How will this all end, how did it start?

They planned her whole life out, in depth

yep even before she drew her first breath

Does she get any say, to what happens next?

Somehow I doubt it, that would be out of script

Yet a wrench she’s thrown, into this big ole mess

She’s causing quite a few, a great deal of stress

You see she asked Jesus into her heart

Invited Him in, gave Jesus the lead part

Now she no longer jumps at their command

because she’s hidden in Christ and can now firmly stand

She believes there is nothing to broken or hurt

that Jesus can’t fix, He’ll even clean up the dirt

So in Christ alone, she’s placed all her trust

now to get to her, go through Jesus they must


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