On My Heart Today

You’re my amazing good and perfect Papa. There is no one like You and never will be!

You breathe into me and I sing out praise in return, for there is none like You!

You alone oh Lord send a fresh current of love and grace restarting my heart again to spill forth love for others even after my own heart has shattered a million times, there is truly none like you Papa God!

Even when in my flesh I want to defy, praises to You spring forth knowing to whom I belong and whose love ultimately matters. That what I want or desire no longer matters in light of Your great plans for my life. Your purposes for me, alone are all I want walk in as long as breath inside me remains.

2 thoughts on “On My Heart Today

  1. Very beautiful. I don’t know if you have ever listened to the album “Grace” by Don Moen and Frank Edwards. Frank calls God, Papa in some of the songs. I think it is so lovely. The songs are uplifting; they make me feel so happy and close to God.

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