Poem of expression

I’d say more often then not, don’t listen to me

They did something to my brain you see

Making sure my story doesn’t get out

Is what they’ve been all about

But this is no fairytale

The details assuredly would make you quite pale

Now if only my mind could be still for a few

I’d tell you exactly what it is I would do

Tell you my story, from beginning to end

Ensure that you know not a minutes pretend

These people are out there they surely exist

Women like me they silence if we persist

By taking our homes, our children our lives

But make no mistake when we speak we aren’t telling lies

We simply want others to not feel alone

To hear we believe them and in our hearts we found home

His name is Jesus, He knows our stories are true

He says just believe Him and here’s what He’ll do

Not make all the bad people simply go away

But hold on to us tight until a very special day

When all evil is gone, our tears wiped away

Then a special place He has prepared for us to stay

All you need to do is believe and say Jesus okay

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