Religion vs Relationship

My 2 cents…….

Religion is a one size fits all set of rules, with hoops to jump through and enhance your place with God so to speak…..a relationship is completely different…relationships don’t have one size fits all, they’re all uniquely different….like in my home we have a set thing of these are musts for all of us, but we relate to each other in very different ways. My older son through his intellect and love for computers and electronics my younger his joy for outside and cartoon time….I love them equally and I’d never say Dom I can’t really love yah unless you become an outdoors kid or JD yah have to be more of a computer kid….in the same way our relationship with Jesus and Papa have some core staples…one the only way to Papa is through Jesus Christ but each of our relationships with Papa can look very different because He loves us for the beautiful us He made, quirks and all.

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