Keep dreaming

I use to dream of a place, a land far away.

There were homes filled with love, a place you could stay.

Children were treasured and named with great care.

Showing them abuse or harm- no one would dare!

These were protected, they had value and worth.

Given special purpose from Papa, long before their birth.

Here joy and laughter filled the air.

Love flowed over each of us, with plenty to spare.

Friendship abounded, no jealousy to be found.

Each, individually nurtured, never compared

As we all worked together with our various gifts.

It was obvious to all, this family was pure bliss.

Then it would happen, faintly at first.

Yep, that was my name being called, come back to reality, come back to earth.

Pain and sorrow flooded in, as my mind wandered back.

This was not home, all I dreamed of, here lacked

You useless child, where have you been?

Come back this moment, its time to begin.

Shake those silly hopes out of your head

It was that time again – the time i did dread

but…No one could steal the hope in my heart and my head.

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