Where is God in the Pain

I wrote this two years ago and am so thankful for how it continues to be true…..Jesus never leaves me! In fact the graduation mentioned, I did attend and the dinner after I sat and ate in the presence of my enemies and God used people who didn’t know me to silence those being mean to me. We have a good good Father indeed…….

“Where is God when we are in pain? This is a question I’m asked almost daily…..Mel you have been through hell, where was God then? Here is my answer…..with me, doing what God does amazingly perfectly….being strong when I can’t, keeping me from losing my mind, strengthening me in Him, preparing me for the road ahead. I was reminded of this today as many things crashed at once including as any hope of seeing my oldest graduate was ripped away, after years of protecting him beyond what most could imagine in their feeble human minds. Yes even in these times I believe He is shaping, protecting and healing my heart. The greater the loss the closer and stronger my bond grows in Jesus and I rest assured, I am held.”

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