It’s Okay

I am who I am, where I am, how I am and that is okay.

God knows every detail about me, and loves , me as I am and for who He know I will one day be fulfilling His plan.

Papa doesn’t see all my failures, miss steps, or flaws, He sees His son in me and calls me beloved.

I’m learning many will travel in and out of my world, not all are meant to stay, and its okay when just Papa remains.

Some cant allow me as friend and that’s okay, for them I can still remain on what ever their terms need because Papa loves them thru me anyway

I know what its like to sit outside a circle of many and within with a select few, I trust Papa its suppose to be this way.

Lord Jesus you love me, hold me I pray, today outside of you I feel quite alone yet im thankful I now know….you love me, you accept me, you call me your own. it matters not who rejects me or allows me only so close, because im your child just as much as they, my siblings in Christ I choose to keep loving this way, no matter how long outside of their circles I must stay.

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