Taking Back What Was Stolen

Joy filled to be taking back ground the enemy thought he’d forever stollen from me.

All the things I was told I shouldn’t do cause I was horrible at it and not smart enough, or good enough or worth enough…..Papa is giving me the opportunity to refind joy in these things where sadness has been for sooo long…..I had been ripped out of school before high school told couldn’t do it, it’s for smart kids…..was told to stop singing I sounded awful and Jesus only wants to here people that can actually carry a toon. While the worship leader in our house continued to participate in abusing me then sing to Jesus after….I was yelled at for offering to pray with other kids in the facility I’d been sent to and eventually kept in confinement……but God!

Now I am in school with a 3.89 GPA, I am singing and playing music again, and sharing God’s word freely with anyone who will hear….thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, Thank You Jesus!

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