Keep dreaming

I use to dream of a place, a land far away.

There were homes filled with love, a place you could stay.

Children were treasured and named with great care.

Showing them abuse or harm- no one would dare!

These were protected, they had value and worth.

Given special purpose from Papa, long before their birth.

Here joy and laughter filled the air.

Love flowed over each of us, with plenty to spare.

Friendship abounded, no jealousy to be found.

Each, individually nurtured, never compared

As we all worked together with our various gifts.

It was obvious to all, this family was pure bliss.

Then it would happen, faintly at first.

Yep, that was my name being called, come back to reality, come back to earth.

Pain and sorrow flooded in, as my mind wandered back.

This was not home, all I dreamed of, here lacked

You useless child, where have you been?

Come back this moment, its time to begin.

Shake those silly hopes out of your head

It was that time again – the time i did dread

but…No one could steal the hope in my heart and my head.

She didn’t think being broken more was even possible….multiple parents abusing and discarding her wasn’t enough perhaps? Until she fought with every ounce of strength winning at first, so young herself against those with power, money and strength, but this war was for her own child, her son.

She used every breath, prayer, tear and still lost….she survived court battles, them hunting her down, a year in hiding, his kidnapping, being held hostage and more….why did no one help?

It was just before Thanksgiving when the battle was lost….they took her off guard out of state where they had strength and then from her arms at four he was gone…..she shattered.

Listen to Truth

Hand crafted by God, delicately designed with love and purpose. Delighted over, cherished with an extra measure of His strength knowing it would be needed early on.

You see they told her horrible evil people made her in violence she had no purpose but was more a puppet of the enemy the devils toy.

They hadn’t read Psalm 139 I guess, or known Papa would place a knowing Him deep inside me that would continue to seek Jesus no matter what and what God says about me even if it meant walking away from all I knew.

He truly is a good good Father and I know without doubt His word is true when it’s says…..

“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the Lord will hold me close.”

Psalms 27:10